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  • You Don’t Need Cucumber for BDD (3/12/2017) - You don't need Cucumber for BDD. Oh boy, I can already sense the loving embrace of you, the reader. Let me start by saying one thing, I absolutely love Cucumber. It is an amazing tool and serves an amazing purpose. Cucumber allows one to easily express the behavior of a system through plain text (expressed in Gherkin), allowing many non technical people to understand what is going on. You can additionally generate reports more easily, create a living, breathing test spec and possibly better a debugging mechanism. But, hold on, do you need Cucumber for BDD? Cucumber for BDD - … Continue reading You Don’t Need Cucumber for BDD
  • Is Agile Fragile (2/26/2017) - Is Agile fragile? In Software Development, Agile is a way of developing code. It is essentially an unspoken promise of new functions, fixed bugs, automated tests etc delivered in a short period of time. Agile is pictured to be a framework which helps to ‘get things done’ quickly. Agile is a framework, hold that thought. Just What is Agile? Firstly, let’s take a second to quick summarize Agile. Agile is a set of methodologies and techniques which can help teams to break down big problems into small manageable ones. These processes can help to increase visibility of who is doing … Continue reading Is Agile Fragile
  • Manual Testing more important than Automation? (2/12/2017) - Is manual testing more important than automation? Depending on who you ask the answer might be different. Manual testing is the process where a human (someone who has the ability to think and be creative) visually confirms that the aesthetics and functional elements of an application are working. But hey, hold on, we have tools that can do that sort of stuff. So is Manual Testing really that important in this day and age of Software Development and Testing? The value of Manual Testing The value of manual testing, this looks like a good place to start. The word ‘value’ … Continue reading Manual Testing more important than Automation?
  • Installing WebDriverJS (2/5/2017) - Welcome to an easy and simple guide to installing WebDriverJS. WebDriverJS is a Web Automation framework which we can use to emulate user actions in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. It is a great tool when used in conjunction with NodeJS. In this tutorial we will firstly ensure we have all the required tools in place to eventually write a basic script which will open a Chrome browser and navigate to, let's begin. Installing WebDriverJS - Installing NodeJS There are a number of ways to install WebDriverJS but perhaps the most efficient and simplest way is … Continue reading Installing WebDriverJS
  • GitHub Setup Tutorial (12/26/2016) - In this blog we will go through GitHub setup and create a simple repository. Once we have done this we will clone the repository locally and then push to the repository from our local drive. Setup GitHub Respository The first thing we have to do for our GitHub setup is to navigate to the GitHub site. Navigate to Once there you can simple either sign up for a free account Or log into your existing one Now go ahead and click on either 'Start Project; or the 'New Repository' button and this will give you the option to create … Continue reading GitHub Setup Tutorial