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  • E2E Code Coverage (4/23/2017) - E2E Code Coverage, is that even possible? The concept of code coverage is used to ensure that the main application code has been tested through Unit Tests. End to End (E2E) tests do not run code in isolation, they run on the UI. If E2E tests run on the UI level and have no view on the application code, is it possible to see how much code is covered by E2E tests? Also, should E2E tests have any level of code coverage? Is E2E code coverage even possible? E2E Code Coverage - Should UI Cover Code? Why do we use … Continue reading E2E Code Coverage
  • Do Not Automate Everything (4/9/2017) - No, we can-not automate every test. In an ideal world, we should be able to automate every type of test. We should be able to cover every edge scenario, all functionality, everything. However, it may be in your interest to actually not automate everything. Not in our interest, read on. Not Automate Everything - Why Firstly, let’s take a second to understand why you would want to write an automated test. We write tests so that we can execute them as many times as we want. This gives us confidence that our functionality has not changed, it is still working. … Continue reading Do Not Automate Everything
  • Writing E2E UI Tests when UI is not ready (3/26/2017) - Writing E2E UI tests when UI is not ready is not an easy problem to solve. Ill get right to the point, it is tough writing a UI driven test for an application before the UI is ready. When a new application is in development, the first types of tests written are unit tests. However, trying to write a UI driven test can be difficult. How do you write an E2E test for an application where the UI, functionality and requirements may change every time new code is committed? Well, allow me to tell you how I approached this problem. … Continue reading Writing E2E UI Tests when UI is not ready
  • You Don’t Need Cucumber for BDD (3/12/2017) - You don't need Cucumber for BDD. Oh boy, I can already sense the loving embrace of you, the reader. Let me start by saying one thing, I absolutely love Cucumber. It is an amazing tool and serves an amazing purpose. Cucumber allows one to easily express the behavior of a system through plain text (expressed in Gherkin), allowing many non technical people to understand what is going on. You can additionally generate reports more easily, create a living, breathing test spec and possibly better a debugging mechanism. But, hold on, do you need Cucumber for BDD? Cucumber for BDD - … Continue reading You Don’t Need Cucumber for BDD
  • Is Agile Fragile (2/26/2017) - Is Agile fragile? In Software Development, Agile is a way of developing code. It is essentially an unspoken promise of new functions, fixed bugs, automated tests etc delivered in a short period of time. Agile is pictured to be a framework which helps to ‘get things done’ quickly. Agile is a framework, hold that thought. Just What is Agile? Firstly, let’s take a second to quick summarize Agile. Agile is a set of methodologies and techniques which can help teams to break down big problems into small manageable ones. These processes can help to increase visibility of who is doing … Continue reading Is Agile Fragile