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stand up
Stand Up, Are You Doing it Right
A Stand Up is powerful, only when done right Most of us have experienced taking part in one, have you
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bug in production
I Pushed a Bug in Production
It’s inevitable, at some point you will push a bug in production Statistically speaking, at some point you will push
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agile pairing
Agile Pairing Power
Agile pairing, takes two to tango! Once upon a time, I too did not see the benefits of pair programming.
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automation qa interview questions
Automation QA Interview Questions
Making the jump from a Manual and into a Technical QA role can be difficult and challenging. Here are some
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webdriverjs dropdown
WebDriverJS Dropdown
Do you know how to use WebDriverJS to interact with a Dropdown field? Let’s use WebDriverJS dropdown to select a
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webdriverjs switching windows
WebDriverJS Switching Windows
When writing an automated test, you may encounter scenarios where you might have to switch browser windows. In this post
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webdriverjs properties
WebDriverJS Properties File
The concept of Properties is a great way to control test configuration. WebDriverJs Properties can help to scale automated tests.
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hate cucumber
Some People Hate Cucumber
This may come as a surprise to you, some people actually hate Cucumber. But, do you know why? Why Hate
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automation framework
Good Automation Framework
It’s easy to build an automation framework that works. It’s tough building a framework that works well. What is an
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tdd vs bdd
Let’s TDD and BDD
What is the best approach of writing tests? TDD vs BDD. Have you heard of either Test Driven Developer (TDD)
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Jenkins catlight
Jenkins CatLight
CatLight is a status notifier. Jenkins is a CI tool. Put the two together and you get Jenkins CatLight. CatLight
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agile is just waterfall
Agile Is Just Waterfall
Agile is just Waterfall, really? Waterfall is a wonderful concept. It allows managers to ‘plan’ for problems. Also allows Developers
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Jenkins cli
Jenkins CLI
Jenkins CLI, your one stop shop for a ‘quicky’ with Jenkins. Jenkins is an amazing CI tool which allows us
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docker compose
Docker Compose
Docker Compose is going to become your best friend. Do you remember in the previous post, we talked about running
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linking docker container
Multiple Docker Containers
The concept of Linking Docker Container allows a user to get one container to talk to another. This concept of
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docker container
Docker Container
A Docker Container is an encapsulated solution for running a machine with applications/software. It internalizes all dependencies allowing anyone to
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install docker in window
Installing Docker
Did you know that you can install Docker in Window. Well, let’s have a look. Before you install Docker in
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Introducing Docker
To Docker or not to Docker, that is the question. Docker is an open source project but you already know
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e2e code coverage
E2E Code Coverage
E2E Code Coverage, is that even possible? The concept of code coverage is used to ensure that the main application
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not automate
Do Not Automate Everything
No, we can-not automate every test. In an ideal world, we should be able to automate every type of test.
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E2E UI Tests
Writing E2E UI Tests when UI is not ready
Writing E2E UI tests when UI is not ready is not an easy problem to solve. Ill get right to
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you dont need cucumber for bdd
You Don’t Need Cucumber for BDD
You don’t need Cucumber for BDD. Oh boy, I can already sense the loving embrace of you, the reader. Let
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Is Agile Fragile
Is Agile fragile? In Software Development, Agile is a way of developing code. It is essentially an unspoken promise of
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Manual Testing more important than Automation?
Is manual testing more important than automation? Depending on who you ask the answer might be different. Manual testing is
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Installing WebDriverJS
Welcome to an easy and simple guide to installing WebDriverJS. WebDriverJS is a Web Automation framework which we can use
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GitHub Setup Tutorial
In this blog we will go through GitHub setup and create a simple repository. Once we have done this we
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Jenkins Cron Setup Tutorial
We will look at Jenkins Cron scheduling in this blog entry. Jenkins Cron Scheduling First of all what is Cron?
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Jenkins Cucumber Tutorial
Jenkins Cucumber Tutorial Jenkins Cucumber Tutorial, this in blog entry we will look at writing a simple Cucumber test and
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Jenkins Selenium Tutorial
Jenkins Selenium Tutorial for beginners. In this video we will go through setting up a job in Jenkins and we
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Jenkins Installation Maven Test
Jenkins Installation is an important concept as this will allow you to run Jenkins. Jenkins Installation Maven Test In this
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