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  • Docker Compose (5/27/2017) - Docker Compose is going to become your best friend. Do you remember in the previous post, we talked about running multiple containers in a manual fashion? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that. In this post, we will look at a more friendlier approach to running multiple containers. What is Docker Compose? So, what is Docker Compose? In the previous post, we manually pulled and started containers which contained a Wordpress and MySql software. We were able to link both containers together and also tested it in a web browser. In short, we executed a number of commands followed … Continue reading Docker Compose
  • Multiple Docker Containers (5/20/2017) - The concept of Linking Docker Container allows a user to get one container to talk to another. This concept of linking is important as it allows for easier management of containers. Before diving into the world of container linking, perhaps it would be best if you quickly read-up on my blog post about Containers in general. Containers: Linking Docker Container, Why? We all know what a container is by know, if not then checkout my previous post on Containers. Moving on, why is it important that we are able to link multiple containers together. Well, as discussed, a container … Continue reading Multiple Docker Containers
  • Docker Container (5/13/2017) - A Docker Container is an encapsulated solution for running a machine with applications/software. It internalizes all dependencies allowing anyone to run a container on any machine, any cloud etc therefore making the process much more easier. First of all, consider quickly going through 'Installing Docker in Windows' before continuing with this post. Docker Container Docker has many commands which can be used to manage containers. Some of these are: docker --help docker search docker pull docker images docker run docker ps -a docker rm docker rmi docker --help 'Docker help' is a great way of seeing a list of all … Continue reading Docker Container
  • Installing Docker (5/6/2017) - Did you know that you can install Docker in Window. Well, let's have a look. Before you install Docker in Window, you may want to checkout my previous post on an introduction to Docker: * Introduction to Docker - Docker for Testing Install Docker In Window Before you install Docker, let's go through the requirements. Firstly, you must own a legal copy of Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise, 64-bit. This will allow you to install the Docker MSI for Windows. However, let's assume you don't match the requirements above fully, you might be able to get away with installing the … Continue reading Installing Docker
  • Introducing Docker (4/29/2017) - To Docker or not to Docker, that is the question. Docker is an open source project but you already know that, right? It is used to deploy containers which can contain software and applications. I assume you also know that? The biggest question here is why you should use it? Or better yet, what value can it bring to testing? Docker, what is it? Docker is a tool which allows you to deploy containers. A container can contain a version of an OS, application and software. Let's take a second to understand why this is even important. In other words, … Continue reading Introducing Docker