About Me

Hey there, welcome to my blog TheTestRoom.com and my official About Me page. My name is Shahin and back in April 2016 I decided that it’s about time that I contribute back to the Software Testing society through the medium of blogging. I started by registering and releasing my very first ‘hello world’ blog page, that was an exciting time.

Before the whole blog thing I started a YouTube channel in April 2014 and have been since uploading videos on Web Automation. I do reference my YouTube videos in my blog where required so make sure to check out my channel @ (QAShahin).

Firstly, since this is an About Me page let’s start by talking a little bit about me and what I do, the usual meat of an introduction.

About Me – Who am I?

I like to believe that I am a seasoned Developer in Test especially in the field of Web Automation. I have written frameworks from scratch in languages including Java, JavaScript, C# and Ruby for a number of different projects as well as being versed in the world of Agile development etc etc. It is a fun and challenging environment to be in with lots to learn and lots to take in. On a more personal level I am a loving husband, cool brother, OK (ish) son and if not the best in the world then certainly an epic Dad. I love to play videos games, visit educational sites such as museums, libraries, watch movies and read a lot.

About Me – What do I do?

By profession I am Developer in Test. In essence I do a lot of software testing with knowledge on lots of coding i.e. I write code which does my job for me, sort of like employing another to work for me but without having to fork out the cash. My top skills are probably Agile and Java with some of the more softer skills being an awesome listening, learner and teacher.

About Me – Why Blog / YouTube?

Perhaps a good question to answer, I suppose it’s because I love testing. My love for testing perhaps started from my academic years in University. I started to get into software testing in the gaming world and then migrated to the software development world. In hindsight the move does sound very boring but it has been everything but.

About Me – Future Goals….

Not entirely sure to be honest. I like to read and write therefore blogging sort of satisfies that need for me. I have a very creating persona and YouTube satisfies that. For my other needs I guess I have other means. I would like to see my blog and YouTube Channel perhaps one day become a great knowledge sharing resource for anyone looking to become technical awesome at testing……I guess we all have to start somewhere.