Jenkins Tutorial Beginners

Jenkins tutorial series, in this series we will go over a number of videos for Jenkins ranging from installing Jenkins to running different types of projects in Jenkins. This is an amazing tool which is used for CI (continuous integration). The primary focus of CI is to help build and compile code as well as running many tests against it, automatically and on a schedule.

In this video series we will discover varies ways to use Jenkins, we will use this CI to help manage our code base but more important will see how Jenkins can be used to help with the ‘whole CI process’.

Jenkins Tutorial

01 – Jenkins Installation with Maven Test

The above are a number of video tutorial in which we will use to leverage our understanding of Jenkins and use it to really help build our applications and run a number of tests against them. Going over the above video tutorial will help you to understand CI concepts as well as the conventions and methodologies once can apply to CI. We will use this CI tool for just this purpose.

Follow each video above to learn more about Jenkins.