Ruby RSpec Tutorial

Welcome to my free online Ruby RSpec Tutorial course. In this video series I will cover a number of videos from environment setup, writing tests, the specific features of using WebDriver in Ruby, hooks, implementing the famous Page Object pattern and much more. This is going to be an exciting course as writing Ruby is slightly different to Java and JavaScript.

Ruby RSpec Tutorial Series

01 – RSpec Environment Setup
02 – Basic RSpec Test
03 – WebDriver Setup and Basic Test
04 – Locators
05 – Finding elements using XPath
06 – Finding element using CssSelector
07 – Using Collections for multiple Elements
08 – Using Hooks
09 – Alert Window
10 – Should and Expect
11 – RSpec Page Object

I believe that for anyone looking to learn how to automate and write WebDriver tests using RSpec the videos above should be a great introduction to the whole concept.